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I'm Alisa

I'm all about making small, sustainable tweaks to get you to your health goals.

I know that it can be a bit frustrating (and sometimes even a bit scary) when your body is mis-behaving and not operating as well as it should. Even living in a tropical paradise like Cairns, it can feel a bit lonely – especially if you’re struggling with a health issue.

As a Naturopath, my main priority is supporting you and getting you feeling better than ever! A lot of my clients come in feeling really overwhelmed and burnout and in need of some TLC. My intention is to always make people feel cared for, and I won’t overwhelm you with heaps of instructions and supplements to take all at once. I break down my treatment plan into manageable phases so you can reach your health goals with more ease and less stress.

I kind of feel like I’m writing a resume here… BUT I think I am really friendly! It’s really important to thing to be when you’re a Naturopath, because you will be talking to people, pretty much every time they come in, about their poo, diet, menstruation, stress levels and I also check in with how they are feeling mentally as well, because that plays such a big role in your health overall.

A lot of my clients here in Cairns haven’t seen a Naturopath before, and I chat to them at the start of the consult about the types of stuff we’ll go through and what they can expect. Sometimes there’s some giggles when we get to the poo-section of the consult (because farts are funny), and there’s even been high-five’s in my room when clients come back with great news that they’re feeling better. They might have had their first full night sleep in ages, survived a menstrual cycle without experiencing crippling pain, or had a proper bowel motion for the first time in ages. I love to celebrate my client’s success with them, and there’s never any judgement.

One of the core principles of being a Naturopath is to try and work out the underlying cause of why a person isn’t feeling 100% well. So, in order to work out what is triggering their symptoms, I ask my clients heaps of questions. Not just about the reason why they’ve come into to see me, but about how their other body systems are tracking and I also look at their diet as well.

I feel like I’m Cairns’ Nancy Drew when it comes to people’s health! Ask a million questions, get a full history to work out the root of their problem and then research and come up with ways how we can correct that through diet and lifestyle changes (and maybe herbs to help things along a bit). Humans are so interesting! Our basic physical structure is the same, but so many things can happen that creates a change unique to each and every person. This is why I put together an individualised treatment plan for each of my clients, because everyone is special.

I’m deeply curious about people’s individuality and am passionate for people to feel better within themselves.


My Superpowers

I’ve been a practitioner for 11 years and my number one priority is providing care and support for my clients.



Caring for people on an individual basis is the reason why I love being a Naturopath. The key to Naturopathy is trying to understand how a person is going as a whole being. So, I not only look at a person’s current health concerns, but also how their other body systems are going as well as their diet and lifestyle.



Nutrition has a massive impact on everyone’s health. Which is why a lot of my treatment plans are based around nutrition and diet because I believe that’s how you’re going to get better long-term health benefits. Typically, I only use supplements in the short term while we progressively make changes to your diet. I’m all about making the changes so we can all live longer, happier and healthier lives!


Remedial Massage

My first business was practising Remedial Massage out of a multidisciplinary clinic in Albury and I ran that business for several years. In my sessions, I use firm pressure and combine different deep tissue and myofascial techniques to help stretch out the muscles and provide relief from pain.


Herbal Medicine

The power of nature and science combined! I became a Naturopath because of my love of herbal medicine. Plants contain active ingredients, called phytonutrients, and it’s these ingredients that help modify and improve our bodies and health. The beauty of herbal medicine is that, with my liquid tinctures, I can create a formula specific for your needs at that particular time. I also have tablet formulas for those who have sensitive taste buds (my potions aren’t great tasting – they’re medicine, not food).


Online Consultations

Struggling to juggle everything?! I created this option for people who have situations or commitments where it makes heading into the clinic difficult. The great thing with this consultation option is that you can receive a full consultation service without leaving work or home – saving you time travelling and less hassle overall.


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