It is with great pleasure that the doors are opening for people to become happier, healthier versions of themselves!  Cairns Complementary Health was founded by naturopath, Alisa-Jayne Butler, with the goal of providing individualized holistic care and support using naturopathic principles to help people reach their highest health and well-being potential.

By taking a holistic approach to health, we examine many aspects of your life. Not only is your physical health taken into account, but also your dietary and lifestyle habits too.

From a naturopath’s perspective – everyone lives and responds to life differently. So it makes sense to treat, support and monitor people on an individual level.

What to expect at Cairns Complementary Health

After your initial consultation with your naturopath, you will receive an individualized treatment plan that may contain dietary and lifestyle changes that you can integrate to help you, not just in the short-term, but also further down the road to a healthier you. You may also receive nutritional supplements or herbal supplements to help lead you towards better health.

This holistic approach to health is individually tailored regardless of the health issues or conditions you have.

We tackle your challenges together and support you in the choices and actions you take to help become a happier and healthier version of yourself.

So take that first step now – and contact us on (07) 4031 8191 or to start your journey!