It’s really important to realise that the food you’re putting in your mouth is fuel for your body.

Be mindful of what goes in!

Try to reduce the amount of processed crap and switch to whole food options as much as possible to be sure that what you are eating is full of nutrients that your body needs to function properly.


A good night sleep is really important for your overall health and wellbeing.

Your body does a lot of healing when your eyes are closed at night. And no-one wants to start their day on the back foot as soon as they get out of bed!

Consistency is the key when building up good sleep habits, so try and create a routine that helps settle you down and consider looking at sacrificing some screen time (either the TV or phone) so you can get to bed earlier and are able to shut down quicker.

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Your body needs oxygen even more than it needs food! 

By taking a few moments every day to focus on some deep breathing exercises, it helps increase the amount of oxygen that goes into the blood and around to your cells and this leads to you feeling more energised. 

A double-bonus with doing deep breathing exercises is that it can also decrease stress and relax your mind and body – helping you feel more zen.


Regular physical activity helps boost blood flow and increases your energy levels. 

It also comes with the additional benefits like improving your cardiovascular health and fitness. Despite exercise having so many health benefits, it seems to be the one thing that my clients tend to struggle with the most. Trying to find the time to fit it in, not knowing where to start, or feeling uncomfortable or ashamed of their current fitness level seems to be the most common reasons why people stop themselves from moving. 

Now, when I suggest exercise, I’m not suggesting that you stop by the gym on your way home and sign up for a 12 month package. How about when you notice that you’re getting in a bit of a slump at work to stand up and do some stretches? Or take 10 mins to walk around the block every day and slowly build from there. 

Exercise gets your muscles and blood pumping as well as releasing happy hormones called endorphins, which help you feel relaxed and re-invigorated.

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