Food is necessary for your body

One of the key things to remember is that food is necessary for your body to function properly. 

It is literally fuel for your tank!

This is why it’s really important to be mindful of what goes in your mouth as it has a direct effect on how you will feel within your body. 

If you’re energy levels aren’t great, and you tend to fade at certain times during the day – like mid morning or afternoon, then as a Naturopath, I look at your diet to see if your blood sugar levels are messing up your energy levels.

Are you fading around mid-afternoon? Have a chat with me to talk about what I’d look at doing to help you

High Vs Low GI

GI – or Glycaemic Index, is a spiffy term that used to basically describe how long it takes for you body to burn foods and foods are rated as burning quickly (high GI), or slowly (low GI)

For example – white bread, sugar and other processed foods like chocolate are high GI foods. Which means that when you it eat your blood sugar levels jump up (and you feel better).

But what goes up must come down! These foods don’t satisfy you for long and you (and your blood sugar levels drop again). With this slump, most people either reach for another quick snack or a coffee to get a pick-me-up. 

In order to try and help balance your energy levels throughout the day, one of the things I recommend to most of my clients is increasing the amount of protein you have. 

Protein has a lower GI, so it will burn in your body slower, releasing energy gradually so you don’t get the highs and lows, as you would with the types of food mentioned above. 

If you’re struggling with your energy levels throughout the day, and would like some expert help in making adjustments to your diet, let me know!

In regards to providing meal plans, I will first ask you to complete a diet diary for a week then hand that in to me. I will go over it and make some suggestions as well as provide you with some recipes to give you an idea of the types of foods as well as how much you should be eating throughout the day – give me a heads up when you book that you’d be interested in a meal plan, so I can get you sorted with all the paperwork so there’s no delay in getting your personalised meal plan out to you.