By making a conscious effort to spend more time filling my cup, the more I’m able to better deal with the various stresses life throws at me.

I often chat to my clients about how they are coping with stress, and the boundaries and self-care practices that they can be working on to help them deal with the everyday, ongoing stresses they are faced with that aren’t going to miraculously disappear.

What is Self-Care?

It’s a term used a lot in wellness articles and social media stuff, but what is it actually?!

To me, self-care shows intention. It’s any activity that you deliberately do in order to take care of your mental, emotional and physical health. And although it’s a simple concept, it’s something that we often overlook. 

Popular self-care tips:


Sleep is the keystone of your overall health.

Taking the time to rest and relax and get a good quality sleep has huge benefits for every body system. If you’re struggling with settling in at night, look at ways you can improve your sleep hygiene routine and remember – consistency is the key!

You need to get your brain into the habit of recognising that it’s bedtime so it can start to turn off so you get to sleep quicker and have a better quality sleep.

Health & nutritious diet

“You are what you eat”.

If you’re under the pump and very stressed, it increases your body’s need for nutrients because more energy is required to get you through the day. So it’s important during these times to love your body and try to stay away from junk food/ fast foods that are typically high in energy but low in nutrients.

And, sorry to be a party pooper, but it’s also wise to keep your alcohol intake right down as well.

Are you struggling to get out of bed in the morning? Not quite sure what to change in your diet? Let’s have a chat!

Exercise regularly

To help improve your general fitness levels, lots of studies have shown the benefit of 10-15 minutes of moderate exercise about 4 times a week.

By ‘moderate’, I mean you should feel warm but not sweating profusely and you would be huffy and puffy but should still be able to chat (but not able to bust out a song).

Movement is key to keeping your body in good shape. I found personal that trying to add in exercise in, what felt like an already full week, made me feel even more overwhelmed. If that’s the case with you as well, look over what you do during the day and consider where you can add more movement into it.

Moving the bin to the other side of the room, so you have to get up and throw out stuff. If you’re feeling stiff and sore at your desk, getting up and doing a couple of stretches and having a bit of a jig will help all help to get the blood pumping and have you feeling a bit better.

Look at setting goals realistic goals, starting small at first so you can build your confidence in yourself that you are capable of committing to moving around more in your life.


Take time away from work

This is perhaps the most difficult and biggest boundary to work on, especially if you’re under a really stressful situation at work.

I personally find doing stuff that has no connection with the clinic to be good for my soul. I’m a bit of a home-body, so I tend to turn off by doing working on some art or craft project.

You could take the opportunity to hang out with friends or family, go out and explore the local area or visit a new shop or cafe. Otherwise you could look at simply not making yourself available outside of work hours, by screening calls or not looking at work emails.

If you’re struggling to get through the day and feel like your body is running on empty – then make an appointment to get that lift that you deserve!