About Alisa

Cairns Complementary Health opened in 2018 as I had the intention of creating a multidisciplinary wellness centre that offers a range of different health services all in one location.

About Alisa-Jayne Butler

I am an enthusiastic practising Naturopath, having started in 2013. I am well-known for my down-to-earth approach with tongue-in-cheek realness. What you won’t get from me is stuffy, serious or unfriendly bedside manner. I have supported a lot of clients suffering from various forms of gut issues, from IBS to bloating and food intolerances through to chronic constipation. My goal is to help people make their poos look good! I don’t want them to be controlled or worried about their bowel habits any more.

“Your poo should slide out like Teflon.”


My passion is health education

I always looks towards dietary and lifestyle changes that people can incorporate into their lives to achieve long-lasting health goals.

I like to focus on making these changes to help longer-term, and also use herbal and nutritional supplementation when necessary to help give the body a kick in the right direction to get people feeling better, quicker.

Your body is a fully integrated system, so even if you come in with a really specific health issue I will still take the time to look at and consider how other areas of your health are going so you get a well-rounded health plan.

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine)

Advance Diplomas in :

  • Naturopathy
  • Western Herbal Medicine
  • Nutritional Medicine

I come from a pharmacy background

This has led me to be more scientifically-based when constructing a health plan, researching what types of supplements and dietary changes would be best. It also has expanding my thinking into what tests would be necessary to determine what’s going on. By getting my geek on and combining that with my Naturopathic principle of looking at the person as a whole, I can put together a health plan that has pathways to help you reach your health goals. I’m not just a crazy poo lady, I also look after a lot of people who need support with any hormonal issues, or people who are feeling really stressed and frustrated, constantly having to push themselves to get through their day but find themselves unable to shut down and go to sleep at night. Sound familiar?!

What type of testing do I do?

Ideally, I like to involve your GP if I feel that some testing is necessary so we can work out what’s happening and create an accurate health plan. After all – the more people supporting you in your corner the better!

I can organise tests, like food intolerance tests, salivary cortisol tests, organic acid tests, microbiome profiles, SIBO breath tests etc (pretty much everything!).

I use an independent laboratory called NutriPATH to look after these. I can also provide a sample of what the test report looks like to give you an idea of what’s being tested and how it’s reported before you make that investment (as these are not covered by Medicare). I’m always happy to send these results through to your GP to keep them updated if you’d like as well.

I’m available in my clinic located in Cairns for both Naturopathic and Remedial Massage appointments. The clinic is on the first floor in a beautiful white Queenslander at 165 Lake Street. I’m also available for online appointments if you’re time poor or unable to physically see me in Cairns. The majority of my supplements are available to order online through my online prescription service, and the liquid herbal formulas that I make up can be either collected in clinic or delivered to you.