Online Consults

Time poor? Not living in Cairns? Don’t worry – we can still connect!

I’ve been offering online consultations since before COVID hit. I use Zoom, which is really user-friendly and free!

So if you can’t spare the time on the round trip to the clinic, or if you’re living elsewhere, we can still get together and put a health plan together so you can feel great again!

See how online consults can work for you



Book an appointment ONLINE and follow the prompts that are sent out to you


Meet Via Zoom

Meet Alisa virtually via ZOOM for your initial consultation, where it’s all about fact finding; discussing your health and start a plan to reach your health goals. If any tests are recommended, a referral to your GP will be emailed or functional testing via the independent lab NutriPATH can be organised via post.


Follow Up Consult

Your second consultation is held 1 – 2 weeks after. You will receive a copy of your treatment plan prior to your appointment. During your consultation, we will go over your treatment plan options, answer any questions and pass on any further information that would be beneficial for you.


Online Ordering

An online account will be set up for you and prescribed supplements will be ready to be ordered and sent straight to your home.


Additional Consults

Depending on your health and goals, your third follow up consultation time frame varies considerably, anywhere from 2 – 6+ weeks. It will give you an opportunity to discuss your progress, go over any new test results and overcome any obstacles. Further appointments are available if required


On to the future!

Further appointments are available if required.

Online Consultations

My aim is to provide you with the best quality care and advice.

In order to do that the appointment structure is so we can get as much information as possible and it also allows me time to be able to accurately prescribe dietary and lifestyle changes and supplements if necessary.


New client package – $185

Initial consultation (1 hour)

This is basically a fact-finding mission to get as much information around your health and all the aspects that impact it.

I will not only ask you the reason you’ve come, but also ask questions about your other body systems to gain a broader, holistic view of your current health state.

Typically, most people will leave this appointment with some dietary directions, and if necessary, herbal or nutritional supplements.

I may also refer you to have some blood tests to gain a deeper picture of what is going on and address any underlying nutritional deficiencies or hormonal imbalances. This may ideally need to be completed before your second consultation (Report of findings) which will be held 1-2 weeks after your initial appointment.

Second consultation – Report of Findings (30 minutes)

This consultation is held ideally 1-2 weeks following your initial consultation.

At this consultation you will receive your treatment plans that I have put together after going through all the information from your initial, as well as incorporating action plans based on your blood test results (if applicable).

Here you will receive:

  • Your treatment plan to help achieve your health goals,
  • Your Iridology report and photos of your eyes, as well as
  • Any dietary information, lifestyle suggestions and other information that I feel you would benefit from.

We will discuss which steps would be the best for you to take to get you back on track and feeling better and also select the options that you feel would be the most manageable.

  • New Client Package – $185Book Now
  • Follow Up Consultation – Included in New Client PackageBook Now
  • Returning patient?

    Follow up consultations

    Follow up appointments time and frequency vary greatly from person to person. Depending on the agreed treatment plans, a person’s financial situation and life in general! – We try to be as flexible as possible to help support you!

  • Follow Up Consultation – 30 Minutes – $50 Book Now
  • Follow Up Consultation – 15 Minutes – $35Book Now
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